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Warehousing Services

Receiving, acceptance, warehousing, inventory management, out of the warehouse, inventory and other operations. Customers will store goods in our warehouse to facilitate faster logistics and distribution services for local consumers, so as to meet the demand for warehousing in the region.

Order Processing

Order collection, packing, labeling, making waybill and other operations. You can not only manage orders in our management platform, but also interface order information with our system platform via API interface to achieve automated order processing.

Packaging and Distribution

Our company co-operates with major logistics companies to provide one-stop logistics and distribution services for our customers. We can provide customers with packaging and distribution services. Customers can choose the appropriate mode of transport and carrier according to different logistic modes and destinations, in order to minimize logistic costs and improve logistic efficiency.

Returns and Exchanges

Our company can provide customers with return and exchange processing services, which include inspection, repackaging, and processing of returned goods, in order to protect the rights and interests of customers after the sale.

One-piece Forwarding

You send your products to the overseas warehouse, and our warehouse will handle the orders, packaging, shipping and other operations on behalf of you, in order to achieve one-stop service from home to abroad. This eliminates the need for customers to participate in the logistics process.

Value-added Services and Technical Support

In addition to basic warehousing and logistics services, our company also provides some value-added services, such as product quality inspection, packing, labeling, return and exchange processing, data analysis, inventory count, etc. At the same time, our company provides technical support services, in order to provide you with excellent technical solutions and help you solve the problems in cross-border e-commerce and international trade logistics.

Improvement of the speed of product delivery

Overseas warehouse service is equivalent to the establishment of warehouses in the sales localities, which accelerates the speed of product delivery and reduces transport costs to improve the efficiency of product delivery and brand competitiveness.

Reduction of logistics links and logistics costs

Centralized logistics preparation can help enterprises to reduce logistics links and logistics costs in transport, in order to avoid delays and costs associated with order transfer, transhipment, customs clearance and so on.

Better fulfillment of customer needs

Overseas warehouse business can set up fast response and localized logistics service team in foreign countries to provide better and more timely after-sales service and meet local customers' needs more conveniently.

Improvement of the brand awareness and image of enterprises

It can provide more professional and reputable logistics services for enterprises and improve their brand awareness and image.


Booking Space

You can reserve storage space with our company in order to store your goods in the designated warehouse. You need to provide the category, quantity, etc.

Receiving and Warehousing

When the goods arrive at our company, our operators will carry out preliminary acceptance, and according to the actual situation into the warehouse to ensure that the goods are safely stored.

Order Processing

Processing is carried out in accordance with your requirements and includes operations such as picking, packing and labeling of orders, and preparation of waybills.

Packaging and Distribution

Packed goods are dispatched to their destination. The appropriate mode of transport and carrier is selected according to the different logistics methods.

Returns and Exchanges

In the event of a return, the return and exchange application is made, which consists of carrying out inspections, repackaging, and other operations.


Cost Optimization

Centralized logistics preparation can help companies to reduce the logistical aspects of transport and logistics costs.

Improve Timeliness

Automate processing and real-time monitoring to improve order processing efficiency and accuracy for faster order processing.

Rapid Response

An efficient transport network is in place to ensure that returns are processed quickly, accurately and reliably.

Securing Transport

Establish close co-operation with local carriers as well as improve communication and co-ordination to reduce transport risks.

Local Service

Comply with local policies and regulations, language and culture, etc., in order to reduce the difficulty of management, so as to help enterprises solve problems efficiently.